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Luna Merdin
Luna Merdin

This is a thousand years old fairy tale. It is the resurrection of Mesopotamia, the holy land of all ancient spirits that roamed the earth and the sky.  This is the story of Luna Merdin... Starting with Göbeklitepe, dozens of civilizations which left a mark in history with their cultures, stories and mythologies become our leading Sun. With its accessories collection, Luna Merdin revives the nature, the fertility and the powerful feminine and masculine energy emitted by the lands of Mesopotamia, the starting point of human history.  We draw strength from the master-apprentice relationship, which has a history of thousands of years. In every piece we create, we continue to keep the handicrafts that have survived to the present day. On this journey that we set out to carry the unique heritage of these lands to the future generations and deliver the handicrafts to this day, we know that a Luna Merdin piece of your choice will enter your life with the same energy and the talisman of Mesopotamia.  The ancient lands of the planet will always be with you with the light of the moon, the warmth of the sun, and the wisdom of its existence.

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