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Ebru is an ancient art form with a history spanning thousands of years. It is a mysterious, fluid, dynamic, ever-changing, and transcendent art with infinite techniques. Ebru has been passed down from masters to students while staying true to tradition, and it is a culture that has survived to this day, perhaps indefinitely. What sets Ebru apart from all traditional art forms is the uniqueness and singularity of each artwork. It is impossible for the same artwork to be reproduced exactly. It is always different, and no moment can be the same as another. The fluidity of water, the density of paints, the atmosphere of the environment, and the artist's current state of mind are all reflected in the image on the water tray. The artist can never be entirely certain of the image that will emerge when lifting the paper from the water, and it is always filled with unknowns and mysteries. There are no rules or repetitions; it always gives rise to different possibilities, just like 'life' itself. The Sanskrit term 'Virya,' meaning energy or enthusiasm, is the energy on the path to liberation. Virya is always in pursuit of the new but remains spiritually connected to the past, seeking its traces. Because we know and believe that inspiration from Ancient Ebru and the metaphor of the dove in our symbol will heal us, blend with the water to set us free, and forever make us a part of life.

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