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The Anoukis
The Anoukis

The brand of Anoukis was born from a dream where colors and jewelry come together. As the output of this dream, we produce colorful, precious, happy and innovative jewelry with unique and custom-made pieces made of rare and extraordinary diamonds and precious stones letting its creators and owners feel good. In addition to all these, we bring our products to you with a technology applied for the first time in the jewelry world. Now you will be able to try what you like on yourself while choosing jewelry in your home and feel the store experience on our website! I design all the pieces, choose all the materials used by myself, and these designs come into being in Istanbul Grand Bazaar, the oldest, the largest and mysterious jewelry center in the world that has been producing jewelry since 1461, with the cooperation of a team of master jewelers. It is extremely important that every piece is perfect, we all work hard for this. It makes us extremely excited to present you the perfect combination of old and new. Jewelry is like alchemy, our pieces appeal to those who want to find something magical in everyday life. Hoping that our jewels will become a talisman on your way to your own «wellness» ... Anoukis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of the southern region of the Nile River. It is believed that the flood caused by the overflowing of the Nile River, which occurs once a year, was carried out by Anoukis to bring fruitfulness to the fields. Therefore, every year in Egypt, it is celebrated as the Anoukis festival when the flood starts. People throw gems like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, gold, coins, and various precious gifts to the Nile to honor Anoukis, thank her for her life-giving water and produce a fruitful harvest for a year on her land. Anoukis is closely related to the Goddess Isis, a form of the star Sirius. She is also known as the goddess of desire and fertility. Anoukis is depicted as a woman with a gazelle head, a beautiful woman with an ostrich feather headdress and a gazelle beside her, or sometimes just a woman with the head of a gazelle. She is seen holding a papyrus scepter in one hand, while holding the Ankh, believed to be the symbol of life and the key of the Nile, in the other.

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