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We’re the sound companion you can lean on. For a country of only 10 million people, Sweden boasts a high number of notable musicians and designers, and we want to be in that number. Since our start in Stockholm in 2012, we’ve been injecting heart-pounding sound and moving melodies into everyday routines. We’re passionate about music and even more passionate about making sound come to life. We stay on top of new technologies to bring you high-quality input on our microphones, fine-tuned EQ for the perfect balance of sound, and stable wireless connections. We’re proud of our Scandinavian roots and ability to channel our passion for music into our design. Form, function, quality, ease, and relevance underpin everything we do. When you choose Sudio’s products, you’re getting audio companions that fit effortlessly into your day and are made to last. Like you, we’re mindful of our impact on the world and trying to do better. We’ve planted trees to offset our CO2 emissions and reduced emissions by choosing boats for deliveries. From removing plastic from our packaging to incorporating apple leather in our products, we make conscious design decisions.

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