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Seraphy Aromatherapy Natural Skincare
Seraphy Aromatherapy Natural Skincare

"Seraphy set out in 2021 with the motto that nature is the greatest pharmacy. I love everything that has stories. In life, one story ends and another begins. I find this process in between very privileged. In my story, there is a lot of passion, a lot of effort. I know myself. Since I knew it, I knew that nature is a great pharmacy.I met AROMATHERAPY, which started my story.After the professional trainings I received and the natural cosmetics that followed, the branding process started with the desire to touch people. It is very exciting to take care of every detail of Seraphy Aromatherapy Natural Skin Care products one by one and share the products that I take care of. We start every project with the same excitement, together with our teammates who have started to become part of our family, and work to do the best. We act with the combination of the responsibility for sustainability, the business ethics that prioritizes respect for human health and the environment, and we act with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach at every stage of the production processes. The production of natural cosmetic products is carried out under the supervision of our responsible manager chemist, preparing the files in accordance with the legislation and submitting them to the Ministry of Health. I would like to share with you the article that I love and believe in; *Players know that if there are no obstacles, there is no game. The sense of achievement is only meaningful when the obstacles are overcome. If the game is played according to the rules, it relaxes the conscience. It brings you closer to life and to the creatures you share your life with, with respect* "

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