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All the story started when Nurgül Dirlik could not find any product with clean ingredients for her  daughter with atopic dermatitis.

Biologist msc / Botanist Nurgül Dirlik, prepared her own formulas in the light of scientific literature, mixing up her occupational knowledge and experiences for Gülce, who grew up with allergy and skin problems from babyhood. Then it became a passion to prepare vegetal formulas for the skin problems of her own kids and children around her. With the idea that not only our children, but also the world we leave to our children is our “future” she created the brand Rosece, sensitive to nature, soil, water and all the living. The adventure that started with baby products, continued with other skin care products and now reaches to many people in Turkey and in many countries, who respect nature and search for products with clean ingredients.

Rosece family, believing that goodness comes to our skin only from nature, uses pure oils, plant waters, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, organic ingredients and ingredients approved by organic certification institutions.

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