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With our faith, love, respect and devotion to all living things on our planet, to the power of nature and to the life cycle; We offer you products that allow our skin to breathe, nourish it, help protect and maintain its health, and we aim to make you feel good when you use them and at the same time protect the underground and surface resources of our world, have ingredients that come from and return to nature with sustainable packaging. Our artisan products contain only high quality natural carrier oils, certified organic essential oils, hydrosols, vitamins and minerals. In order to obtain products with the best quality and performance, we are trying to perfect our products by using endless information resources frequently and applying the necessary revisions. RAQUN branded skin care products are not tested on animals and does not use raw materials that have been tested on animals. They do not contain harmful chemicals like paraben, paraffin, silicone, petroleum derivatives, synthetic fragrance and dyestuff, chemical preservatives, thickeners etc.

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