Project Anxiety
Project Anxiety

As two versatile designers on this journey, we have combined inspiration from our own anxieties and childhood traumas with our favorite colors and interests. This has resulted in a plethora of products speaking the same language, and the stream continues! Since day one, we've been behind the scenes of this seemingly vast world—Bali and Raif. We sew, draw, paint, and produce together. Our retirement dream is a small village house nestled among Gulyabani trees, where every morning we gather Evil Eyes from the fields, accompanying our vegan breakfast with all our dreams and sending our anxieties into space. Behind every product lies years of accumulated knowledge, professional experiences, sleepless nights pondering what did or didn't work, and plenty of paw and handiwork. With our precious Gulyabani, we embrace you, and with Evil Eye, we swear to protect you from all negative energies and wicked monsters.

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