Platinum Vuvu
Platinum Vuvu

The story of the Japanese skin and hair care brand platinum vuvu, which has been taking firm steps forward in the cosmetics industry since 2013, begins with the passion of its founder, Iwaki Hiroshin, for the platinum.
First work on paper and metal recycling Hiroshi Hiroshi began his research on platinum metal in 1992 and after four years of hard work he succeeded in producing the platinum colloid material in 1996 and the sai, the first platinum colloid drink in the world.
Hiroshi proving that platinum colloid has no adverse effect on the body during the trial period from 1996 to the millennium. In Japan, under the name Inovex, in 2000, by observing the physical balance of the body, improving the overall balance of the psychological problems and observing the positive effect on life energy. begins the sale of raw materials of platinum colloid.
The abundant amount of water molecules in the structure of platinum colloid, which is just platinum and pure water, also provides a moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-aging effect for the skin. This material, which is a revolutionary for skin care, currently supplies raw materials to the world's leading cosmetic brands by Inovex and has 60% of the Japanese market share.
Inovex, which has brought its own skincare brand platinum vuvu to life in 2013, has been in the Turkish market since 2014.

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