Oolai Tea
Oolai Tea

Oolai was born at a time when dreaming of a departure wasn’t enough to break away from the city we love. But we still created little breathing spaces for ourselves. Because one morning we realized that we couldn't taste the tea we drained hastily for breakfast. Since we consumed coffee all day, we were unable to separate work and break. And most of all, we wanted to drink something delicious in the evening; something that would embrace us in an aromatic haze, and lift our moods like a massage. We found our passion, and tried brand new teas from all over the world. We were thrilled by every sip, but some left a special mark in our memories. While reviving our relationship with nature, we came across magnificent plants. In order to keep this relationship fresh for a longer period of time, we have adopted methods such as freeze-drying the fruits. We've blended everything we enjoy about tea with meticulous calculations. We created the rich taste and aroma profile we were looking for with subtle, unique touches. We have designed a tea experience that changes the atmosphere of the environment with its scent, transforms the mood with its brewing rituals, caresses the palate with its unique taste, and immerse the senses. It is tea and pleasure, perfectly blended.


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