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Ojas Kitchen
Ojas Kitchen

Ojas is read as “Ojas” as it is written and according to Ayurveda Ojas means the source of life; It represents our physical, mental and spiritual vitality. Ghee (pronounced “Gii”) was the first product of Ojas Kitchen and it was born out of necessity; “As the founder of this brand, during a difficult and disease-ridden period of my life, my path crossed with Ayurveda while I was reading and doing research on healthy living and nutrition. I met the miraculous food "Ghee" recommended during my Ayurvedic treatment process. When I wanted to procure it from outside, I could not find Ghee made with traditional ayurvedic recipe, and I saw that Ghee was very different with the plain oils I came across. With the trainings I received in Ayurvedic Counseling, I first started making Ghee at home to find healing for myself and my family, I shared it with my loved ones, and now I continue to make Ghee with the same intention so that others can also find healing. My aim is to bring together everyone who seeks healing with 'Ayurvedic and Healthy Foods' under the Ojas Kitchen brand. Ghee, this is the first step of my goal and it is a source of great happiness for me to be liked and consumed by many people. It is very important for me to be able to deliver real Ghee, which we produce with a clean and correct source, 'Traditional Ayurvedic Recipe', to everyone. Finding the right fermented butter was the thing I spent the most effort on to make the Ghee we wanted. Real fermented butter is unpasteurized, additive-free butter obtained by fermentation using natural methods. I tried over 100 butters from all over Turkey so that Ojas Kitchen Ghee could have the taste, texture and quality that I wanted, from fermented butter produced from the milk of cows fed with grass in nature, not with feed, and finally I found the right butter that I can produce Ghee that I can offer to everyone. In this way, we are proud to be able to deliver the only correct ghee product in Turkey to everyone with Ojas Kitchen ghee.

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