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Founded in 2012, Nobodinoz is an ecological company producing textiles and decorations for babies, children and adults. Founded under the leadership of Murielle and Roman Bressan, the company is a Spanish and French partnership.

Providing a modern look to your homes and spaces by producing products in a different design language, Nobodinoz has ecological, sustainable designs for families with babies and children. The company, which performs production in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has managed to raise awareness on families around the world.

It provides production from raw materials that are banned for use in terms of infant and child health or that have permission to use within certain limits. It also produces products for children that are creative and support their development. In this way, using both ecological and healthy product has a direct impact on child development. Such products are one of the main reasons for preference for children of families.

Ecological Products Produced in International Standard
Nobodinoz is able to distinguish itself from other brands with its unique designs with its high quality and durable material. She continues to design rapidly to encourage children to develop and learn. It develops many different products such as wallpapers, baby bags and pillows. These products, which can be used in every room of your home, have OEKO-TEX standards.

OEKO-TEX technology is an ecological standard for skin contact products such as baby clothes, home textiles and casual wear. Paints, chemicals or raw materials used in the production with this certificate are used in natural or permitted amounts. In other words, it is completely environmentally friendly and harmless. Therefore, OEKO-TEX standardization is very important for health.

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