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Let'a Jewelry was founded in Ankara in 2019 to bring all the details in the imagination of two female designers, Hilal Karaca and Sema Akkaya, to life. It got its name from the main ingredient of ceramics, Mingrelian meaning Clay Soil. The designers gave their dreams a name from the mother tongue of the land that guides their lives. Let'a Jewelry's inspiration has always remained hidden in nature. By choosing the parts that make up the anatomical structure and organic integrity of living organisms, they imagined carrying the designs of stylish men and women in their phobic and dystopian worlds, taking on a wild attitude.They succeeded. Today, all designs are offered for sale primarily in Turkey, the USA and the UK. Authenticity is delivered to individuals all over the world who adopt courage in their style. Let'a doesn't just offer you a concrete accessory choice. It creates an opportunity for you to display the courage, creativity and originality that you hide in a corner of your soul. I wish you to be the owner of everything that makes you you and to protect this desire in all time periods!

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