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Linoya Artisan
Linoya Artisan

We women are all star seeds... Stars illuminate with their light and help us find our way. While creating LİNOYA, we dreamed of bringing the centuries-old Anatolian tradition, handicrafts, and needlework to the present day and creating a cycle that will touch the lives of women and light them up, and it did... and LİNOYA is the one who combines the traditional with the new in their most natural form. It is the one that accompanies you on your journey from day to night and carries the perception of resortwear to the next level. LİNOYA's inspirations are the star seed of my life, my dear daughter, the leading Anatolian culture and handicrafts that come out of our mother's and I's dowry chests, OYA's, and my interest in sustainable fashion... Every piece of LİNOYA, delighting in naturalness and handcraft, combines cultural materials with trends. It was designed with the dream of sharing star seeds with women who like to blend, adopt sustainable fashion, have high self-confidence… I hope you will be a part of this dream by meeting LİNOYA…

Ebru Dagli Uyan

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