Kue Olive Oil
Kue Olive Oil

Our story was born out of the desire to introduce Turkish olive oil to the world. During our travels, we noticed that Turkish olive oil has a unique flavor, yet this taste hasn't been fully discovered worldwide. It was at this point that Kue Olive Oil came to life, and we made the decision to bring the quality and flavor of Turkish olive oil to the entire world. However, we didn't want to be just a brand in doing so. We wanted to support local producers, introduce young kitchens to olive oil, and stand out with an energetic identity. The orange color of our brand represents youth and dynamism. With Kue Olive Oil, our goal is not only to be a brand of olive oil but also to provide you with a flavor adventure. Each season, by working with the best local producers, we offer you a taste filled with health for your tables. Our extra virgin olive oils are always the pride of our tables. And, of course, we diversify our products with the desire to represent our brand most extraordinarily. Because we know that when you enjoy your work, life is beautiful, but true happiness begins when others also appreciate what you produce. Wishing you to capture real happiness and to be a family.

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