Khaldi Coffee
Khaldi Coffee

Years ago, a legendary tale was born from the rugged mountains of Ethiopia. This story narrates the remarkable journey of coffee, discovered by a shepherd named Khaldi. While tending to his goats, Khaldi noticed red berries that caught his eye. After consuming these berries, his goats were filled with energy and alertness. Khaldi's curiosity led him to trace the origins of these berries, eventually discovering the coffee tree. He gathered the coffee beans and joined forces with the monks. Roasting the beans over fire and brewing them with water resulted in an experience beyond mere discovery. Sleepless nights, focused thoughts, and moments filled with shared passion. Khaldi's discovery marked the beginning of today's coffee enthusiasts. As a coffee brand bearing the name Khaldi, we draw inspiration from this unique story. Khaldi's discovery showed us that coffee offers an experience beyond being just a beverage. At Khaldi, we carefully select each bean, roast them with precision, and deliver them to you in their freshest form. Our slogan "Goat", short for "Greatest of All Time", symbolizes not only the energetic state of the goats but also the uniqueness and excellence of the coffee we offer. At Khaldi, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable flavor journey with our freshest and highest-quality coffees. Discover, indulge in passion, and join us for this unparalleled flavor adventure. Welcome to the best of the coffee world with Goat.


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