Karo Design
Karo Design

Karo Design was established in 2022 with the aim of creating modern, design-focused, and innovative products to break away from the monotonous decoration approach we are tired of seeing in homes, offices, and hospitals. As a team, we chose wood as the material that can tell our stories, considering it as a living product. We embarked on a journey in various categories such as wall accessories, decorative objects/figurines, kitchen decoration products, and we aim to maintain a high level of product diversity. We took care to make our Karo Design products living objects when creating them. We aimed to incorporate vibrancy with the colors we use, dynamism with our organic lines, and dimensionality with the layered structure. We wanted each layer we created to have stories to tell. In addition to what we have reflected in our products, we have stories that we couldn't fully convey. We are delighted to share them with you as well. We also create our production process in layered processes, just like the layers in our products. From the design process to the product meeting the user, we continue to meticulously shape our story. As long as you are interested in listening, we will continue to tell our stories to you.

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