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Hayra Alamet Dükkan
Hayra Alamet Dükkan

In Eskişehir, the seed of an idea falling into the mind, the story of the growing into a young sapling Hayra Alamet Shop inspired by the Kazdağları'nın came to come to 2021 began to release his roots in Edremit. In this shop where natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products are located; Valuable plant extracts, plant oils, plant juices and natural raw materials produced with good products are produced in accordance with GMP standards in the light of scientific data without breaking traditional information. Hayra Alamet Shops strives to support the domestic manufacturer as much as possible in the supply of raw materials, to work in harmony with nature by removing as little waste as possible in production, to avoid plastic packaging in the packaging process and to bring their production to the user with peace of mind. A wild plant on the mountain, a bird in the branch, a story told, a sentence in the book or a character of mythology ... The inspiration and excitement of good things come from the beauty of the little moments in life.


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