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Handemade Jewellery
Handemade Jewellery

We are in the age of artificiality. Design is a pioneer of this age. This is not a criticism, just a simple observation. Artificiality is not only deeply affecting production and design, but also changing our emotions, dreams, thoughts, and lifestyles fundamentally. We are in the age of collective dreams. This situation has brought me closer to the concept of ‘‘uniqueness’’. Therefore, I aim for every piece I produce to be one-of-a-kind. HANDeMade was born from this idea: a tiny, passive resistance against the madness of  mass production and copying.  Sometimes I try to put  situations, feelings at the center of my design. Sometimes I try to transform  stories with only one hero into my designs. I have a special interest in stones. Apart from spiritual perspectives, the possibility of a substance, that could have been formed millions or even billions years ago, becoming a translator of human emotions and thoughts excites me.  My formal design education background also affects my products. I love geometric shapes, even though I am greatly influenced by natural forms. In short, I blend geometric designs with the naturalness and natural forms of the material, and try to capture the uniqueness with handcraft.  However, what makes me happy is something completely different. When a person who likes a piece of my jewelry sees their own emotion or story in that design, in other words, when they form a personal connection, I believe that is when  the story is complete.


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