Grob took a stand against today's virtualized materials and set out as a project of minimal living and living elements using organic natural materials. All of the products made by hand craftsmanship make up our portfolio. We believe in the value of craftsmen and labor. In addition to turning our face to nature, we are concerned about creating a design that prioritizes functionality and simplicity. This understanding of simplicity emphasizes that the goods should return what they have taken from us. Those who want to increase their space for more activities with their children in today's decreasing accommodation and living spaces, who want to include their hobby and who want to discover what life can offer them different from furniture accept this return. Allowing us to question what we can increase while reducing it brings Grob just where it should be. Grob products are born with an energy that was born with the handicrafts of our masters, taking its source from the nature, and focusing simplification and function. Make room, but this time to simplify...

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