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Gourmet Ladies
Gourmet Ladies

As celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain put it; “food is everything we are. A nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, our province, your region, Your Tribe, your grandmother… Like every dream that becomes reality, “Gourmet Ladies”began its journey as a platform for beautiful coincidences. In 2015 we visited with a group of friends who love to travel and experience emerged in the Italian restaurant; focused on sharing our experiences as a personal project, born the last time and gained experience with new Ladies Gourmet grow, change, evolve, but without losing the essence actually food-oriented experiences and has become a platform where local flavours meet. Over the past time, especially during my graduate studies, I have received a variety of entrepreneurship courses and career choices that have motivated me to start my own business. Thanks to this platform, my dream of meeting not only me and my immediate community, but also people who enjoy to experience and learn local tastes like me has become a reality, with the help of my educational and professional life as well as new experiences. Gourmet Ladies are positioned far more than just a dream come true. The greatest concept that cannot be truly valued in today's world is actually experiences and experiences. The real experience begins with local flavours. Gourmet Ladies will not only offer you the opportunity to shop online, but will also gain new experiences with various workshops, from Bozcaada to Rize, from Antakya to Giresun, and even have the opportunity to experience and share many different tastes that you have never experienced before. So it wouldn't be wrong to call Gourmet Ladies a platform of life that not only me but all of us are a part of. I hope that you, too, will enjoy this selection, which I have enjoyed preparing every part of, and we will continue to grow together by sharing more and more with time.


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