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Gaia Ateliers
Gaia Ateliers

Gaia Ateliers is a brand established in 2023 with the journey of 2 astrologers, aiming to develop and leave a mark. The philosophy of our brand is “Gaia”, which we also take from our brand name. According to Hesiod in Greek Mythology, Gaia is the earth goddess born from Chaos and is also the first element to bring out all the gods. Also known as Mother Nature. As a brand, we are advancing by believing in natural stones and the energy of natural stones. All the designs we make and present to you have an energy, and this energy is reborn by combining with the person using it. We are sure that you will reach the energy you need thanks to our products that carry the spirit of Gaia, which symbolizes a mother earth who nourishes, grows and protects, loves everything. It will be possible to be completed thanks to natural stone and our carefully designed products. Our natural stones and accessories are 100% real and paint, etc., that will spoil their naturalness. produced without the use of materials. As the Gaia family, we are proud to present you the Hand Mader accessories that we have specially designed, and we aim to satisfy our customers in the best way in this journey. In addition, we will introduce our Hand Mader natural candles to you soon. We continue our activities not only on the website but also by taking part in the marketplaces. This will make it much easier to reach us. By constantly improving ourselves, we will always try to offer you, our valued customers, even better. We wish you pleasant shopping.

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