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Evoq Nine
Evoq Nine

EVOQ NINE is a clothing brand that reinterprets the timeless silhouettes of the agenda with its own designers. The production center of the products designed with a strong team is Istanbul and they are offered to all international consumers. The beginning of the story of the brand, which was founded in 2023, comes from the foundation of ""universal awakening"". While “EVOKE” means a person remembering himself again and taking care of his self; The number ""9"" in numerology symbolizes universal awakening and strengthening of inner self-sacrifice. “EVOQ 9” brand; Since the beginning of its story, it has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail, with minimalist lines and softened colors, and designed with the aim of evoking people's emotions. Our excitement to launch every collection in this brand, where you will discover sincere quality as you step into the unique world of elegance, simplicity and eye-catching timeless pieces; It's about curating your forever wardrobe.

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