Beste Gürel
Beste Gürel

Bg's was born out of a passion for designing dresses for young, active and bohemian women in urban life. The brand's philosophy is to offer women quality, luxurious clothing using specially selected local fabrics from France, Italy, as well as India and Nepal. The aim here is to bring a relaxed, casual and sometimes entertaining perspective to the classics of city life. Memories, dreams and nature are the factors that feed Beste. Beste Gürel, which produces timeless designs that you can easily combine the indispensable pieces in your closet, offers her fans the flower child style that she has been influenced by, taking a spiritual and philosophical approach in her collections.Gürel, who sees the curves of the female body as a source of inspiration in her haute couture designs, likes to combine femininity with vibrant colors. While highlighting the radiance and energy of women who love elegance with their style, their elegance also works with hidden touches. While preparing designs that touch the soul of women of all tastes, Gürel, fed by the richness of her multicolored personality, evaluates fashion, which she sees as a form of self-expression, as a mirror that reflects the inner world of a person. In this way, each design becomes a perfect fit for your mood. At Bg's boutique; Young girls who dream of being a fairy girl on graduation night, as well as ladies who attach importance to elegance in night life, can meet the design they dream of.


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