Hey there! My name is Sıla, and I am the designer/maker behind Beincoe. I grew up in a place like a huge botanical garden filled with a wide variety of plant species. I used to dig in the dirt, muck about in the mud, roll in the grass and climb trees. I loved to watch the changing seasons and I was always excited about seasonal crafts. I used to dye eggs with grape hyacinths, make daisy chains and flower crowns, gather fragrant flowers to make a potpourri, make rowenberry and snowberry necklaces. I loved making leaf prints and collages with different shades of autumn leaves and I used to get amazed by the beauty of the frozen branches in winter. My curiosity towards nature and my interest in creativity and design led me to study landscape architecture when I grow up. After getting my bachelor's degree in landscape architecture, I started my master’s in interior architecture. I chose a theoretical subject for my thesis which requires lots of reading. I literally closed myself home for a couple of years until I'm done writing my thesis. Meanwhile, the seasons passed. I missed out the blooming mimosas, the pink fluffy cherry trees, and crimson red Japanese maples. Then I thought myself, I wish there was a pause button. A pause button to stop the seasons changing and let us see the ephemeral beauties of nature anytime we want, not just in few limited weeks. That was the idea inspired me creating Beincoe. “Bein” means “beautiful, fair” and “coe” means “earth” in Noldor Elvish langue. (Cheers to all Tolkien fans!) With every item I make, I aim to remind you how magical and beautiful nature is. I collect flowers, leaves and other natural specimens in season, dehydrate them and set into crystal resin to keep their beauty for years. Everything nature creates is unique, therefore, each piece I make is slightly different than others, you will have something truly one of a kind that handcrafted with care.


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