We have two homes, our earth and our bodies. Bassigue is taking care of them both. As Bassigue People, we are travellers, nomads, and explorers. We are from all around the world. We are different. Yet, we have something in common, our passion to wonder. We run after the undiscovered to get inspired. With that inspiration, we design products that you will feel comfortable in, products that you can travel with and products that will allow you to dress without even thinking twice. No matter which item you own, we promise you that you will always be comfortable and stylish. Our sets, loungewear, coversation starter t-shirts, sweatpants, hats and statement pieces aim to encourage you to be different. Every collection carries the coordinates of the cities that we are inspired from. We are passionate about traveling, seeing and exploring, but unfortunately, that is why we have higher carbon footprints. Therefore, Bassigue works closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content. Bassigue believes that clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the customer. We work with vendors who have zero waste policies and who use minimum water. We use recycled paper in our packages and we carry an in house manufacturing for an energy efficient production. Neither we nor the future generations will be able to benefit from the beauties of this universe unless we act on it now. We invite people to travel and explore but we also invite people to give back as much as they can to protect our home, Earth. Bassigue is trying to raise awareness among its customer base so that future generations can benefit and get inspired from this beautiful planet.

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