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B.G.M Home

S. Şebnem Tayfun was born in Istanbul in 1968. After completing his education on Child Development and Education in Istanbul, he received the Ministry of National Education's Business Opening Certificate. Şebnem, who has been interested in design and art since her childhood, has created many designs from papers and fabrics. In 2010, he opened an art exhibition in Taksim together with the Ataturkist Thought Association. Seda Bilgebay was born in Istanbul in 1969. He completed his education on Tourism and Hotel Management in Istanbul. She has been working in the import and export department of a private company selling boat and yacht equipment since 2003. Seda, who has always supported women's entrepreneurship and creativity, carries out various activities and aid to provide a healthy living environment for stray animals and receives training on different handicrafts. Şebnem and Seda, who were childhood friends, always inspired each other and grew up learning from each other. Şebnem's dream of bringing her handcrafted designs to those who love art and craftsmanship, combined with Seda's hobbies and business acumen. They implemented the motto of entrepreneurial strong women, which they have always advocated, in 2020 by establishing B.G.M Home, which consists of their daughters' initials. B.G.M Home, which has been actively appearing in events since 2020, started its e-commerce activities by branding itself in 2023 with the motto "quality products can only be realized if you do not compromise on quality materials and quality hand workmanship". B.G.M Home continues to donate some of its income to stray animals and charities since the day it was founded.

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