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Aslı Yarış
Aslı Yarış

The routine flow of life already inspires people; The important thing is to create a difference by saying; I design products with my own line and my drawings. In fact, since I knew myself, I've been in a constant design and producing. I got my undergraduate education on teaching. Afterwards, I got my two -year sewing training because I had interest. Starting as a hobby, when I entered the world of drawing, techniques and molds, it was a profession that I existed for me, in time. Now for me, to make designs that take shape in my head at every hour of the day and then turn into the paper, then into digital environment and eventually; It turned into an involuntary action like breathing. As 'Aslı Racing' brand, my goal is to produce products that make different and differences with my own line using natural materials and paints as much as possible. One day, when I look at a product of my design, I can say that 'the original race' has designed it.

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