Alessio De Sole
Alessio De Sole

I had been looking for the muslin fabric pants of my dreams for a long time. However, the ones I found everywhere were too expensive and didn't meet the quality I was looking for. In this situation, I remembered that my family was in the lingerie industry and had factories. One day, I consulted my mother and grandfather about this and asked them if they could manufacture the pants for me if I provided them with the fabric and design. They gladly agreed. After searching for a while, I found muslin fabrics in Denizli, bought them, and prepared them to give to my mother. They immediately got to work and sewed wonderful pants.One day, while walking my dog in the neighborhood, I ran into my neighbors. They really liked the pants I was wearing and asked where I had bought them. When I told them that I designed and made them myself, they started placing orders right away. From that moment on, the requests kept pouring in, including from friends of my neighbors. That's when I realized that this was not just about me; it was the beginning of a bigger story.When I returned to London for my final year of studies, my Greek friends also saw the pants and loved them. They wanted to place orders too, and they were confident that their friends in Athens would show the same interest. When I shared this with my mother, she said it was time for us to turn it into a brand. And that's when the Alessio De Sole brand was born. The name comes from my best friend Sunny. Which made me name the brand Alessio De Sole meaning Defender of the Sun. I created our logo from my tattoo I had for him.

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