"Here, people are like the soil, like the sun, fertile like the sea, Here, the sea, the sun and the soil are fertile like humans..." When the heroes of the poem to which the lines belong came to Aydın, these lines came out from Nazım and were added to the poem. One day, when the sun brought its abundance to the Aydın plain, we sat under our ancestral trees and looked at the plain. We decided to continue the tradition. We extracted the oil that has flowed from our mountains for centuries from its jars and bottled it. Our centuries-old trees, located in the mountainous terrain of Koçarlı, where the mountains smell of thyme and the wind chases abundance, bear Memecik type olives. The oil mill, which was established by our ancestors about 65 years ago to produce olive oil from the olives they collected, completed its mission after being kept alive for many years. We left aside our professional business life of nearly 20 years and returned to these lands to meet the culture created by our grandfathers and grandmothers and to relive the family tradition. We aim to develop the culture of olives in the lands where we returned to live, by transforming them in accordance with the innovations, engineering and technological conditions of the time we live in, and to create a brand that is respected both in our country and abroad. We set out as people who pursue the development of our culture and geography while growing and developing our brand, and who do this job with devotion.

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