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Abrahamm Creative Studio
Abrahamm Creative Studio

Who could have thought of filling life into cubes/bowls? These works, which are reinterpreted in the shadow of the past and formed with the gap to life, meet with the layers of history and come together with you. These new modern cubes/bowls, which emerge as a result of repetitive movements and layers countless times, manages to make the impossibility and transformation of the reproduction visible. The dimensions of the studies are independent of each other, the fact that it is a monumental being; The fact that the form manages to demonstrate the tension and sensitive balance between contrasts such as lightness, robustness and/or fragility, strength and weakness. These modern forms, which exist from countless movements and layers, gain character structuring in the form of self -existence of the gap. The existence of these amorphous artifacts, which are not similar to each other, gives the form of form by removing itself from the gap with the color, texture, plasticity and forming of mud. Finally, at the point we have come, we see that the expressions of the “form of the gap” or “the gap of the form” give the most appropriate depth of expression.

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