Martius was brought into being with desire of Ece Yıldırım and Esra Yıldırım Karakaş who are designers to create a brand by reinterpreting mostly extinct crafts with their own style to reflect the strong heritage and cultural richness of Istanbul. As they reflected their idiosyncratic style on different product groups such as leather, glass, porcelain, and fabric, they made the brand and themselves freer.
Taking its inspiration from nature, history and art, 'Martius', which exists in March, got its name from Martius, the word origin of the month March. In the Romans, March which is the harbinger of spring is both the first month of the year, the Martian God’s of War and the month of beginnings.

In this beginning, there are names of those who act shoulder to shoulder with nature, those who are against all the impositions of beauty, and those who want to be themselves by believing in sustainability and the power within. This beginning is a war, a struggle. To the good, the beautiful, to be yourself...

Martius, with its unique and innovative products which have their own story embraces all the beauties of life and designs a colorful world spreading from Istanbul to the world.

Become a Martius warrior, join this world.

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