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Wallibex was founded by architect Gözde Hatipoğlu, painter Melis Önalan Altıparmak and business manager Özge Yardımcı Tınastepe in 2018 to provide multiple purchasing opportunities to its purchasers. The trio who got by upon the expression used often by almost everyone, “what if I have something on this wall” aimed at generating authentic and unusual ideas for those who want to take out the walls surrounding their living space out of their limits and reflect their spirit on them. They focused on the feeling of depth, volume and tactility provided by three dimensionality by eluding one and two dimensional perspectives. Three dimensional designs formed with the combination of architecture and art were converted into tailor-made products specific to the space. The product range that takes elegance and distinction to forefront provided the opportunity to purchasers to design their own wall with single and multiple purchasing options. On the other hand, the project team of Wallibex composed of architects and artists make new spatial designs and create concepts and styling for large-scale installations in line with the requests and needs of the customer for each project and offer artistic solution proposals and alternative application projects. The “Wallibex” trademark which is a compound of the words of “wall” and “ibex” is inspired by mountain goats that can climb the steep mountains. Resembling three dimensional frieze, the image of the mountain goats that outface the mountains as if they walk on a straight path by virtue of the special structure of their feet has become the source of inspiration for Wallibex trademark.

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