ViW is not just a brand, but also the story of a mother and daughter who are aware of their own "importance" and who value effort, labor, mastery, production, quality and most importantly love... In fact, it is a woman who draws her strength from herself and puts her story behind every obstacle. “;” The story of all the women who continue on their path and direct their lives with... ViW represents all these special and strong women, and we proudly carry the ";" The symbol reminds us of them :). These very special ViW women's bags are produced by the artistic hands of craftsmen with admirable effort. Every hand that touches the craftsmanship of the leather bag has been taught by a unique tradition that has been going on for years. There are years of effort, sweat, fatigue, love, intelligence and mathematics on the path to mastery. Leather work is love and art. It is the mastery of creating every bag of every model with the same detail, quality and superior workmanship. That's why it is often inaccessible, adding visual richness, visual quality and value to the person carrying that leather bag. By bringing the best materials together with such craftsmen, we have prepared our products with love and the same sense of responsibility to accompany you for many years. I hope you use the bag that accompanies you as you write your own happy story, with the same love and passion...

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