Sakin Handcrafted Porcelain
Sakin Handcrafted Porcelain

Anyone who knows my passion for porcelain knows. I was introduced to French Limoges porcelain in a workshop I went to. The whole process of turning a piece of clay from the Limoges region, a small town in France, into a thin cup made me incredibly excited. A handful of dust calmly taught me a lesson. It seems like it has its own character. Each stage of its formation takes place without haste, with patient waiting and calmness. He showed with his vulnerability that I could not succeed when I was in a hurry :) “Slow down!” he said obviously. Therefore, I did not have much difficulty when searching for a brand name. I was inspired by the calmness of this work. It is difficult how to love something you love very much without squeezing it too much. But I am under the influence of such a transformation of a mud coming from nature. Another thing is that it makes the coffee we drink even more enjoyable with its thin structure and light permeability. In fact, even a thin cup teaches us elegance. We slow down for a moment without realizing it. I hope that the French Limoges porcelains, which I make 100% handcrafted in my own workshop, will come to life in your coffees and on your tables. My endless thanks to everyone who supports me and always shares my excitement.

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