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Remember Design Store
Remember Design Store

Remember's story began in 2021 in the middle of his pandema at a time when we all closed to our homes, returned to ourselves and creating more important moments. When we understand better that it is possible to make room for the moments of life, but by putting the priorities of life in line and making life easier; When our houses turn into our offices; When our new offices also have living spaces; While we were working, he started looking for products that reflect us more. In limited moments we could be outside, we started to need more products that will make our lives easier. In this period that gives us the opportunity to return to our own and our own world, when we have time to dream more, even in one of the most unpleasant time envelopes of the world, when we realize that life can be made more enjoyable than the routine of life, why we use the story of this period by design We said let's not write and leave your track. In order not to forget this period, we chose the name of this period without ever thinking and put Remmer. We thought that all these products were both functional and aesthetically designed, and we set out first considering the needs of ourselves and then everyone around us. Remember and who are we? We still love the pen, paper, small notes left everywhere, letters and writing. We love the simplicity of the old, the functionality of the new, and we believe that simplicity is always the key to glory. We believe that having a style is to create its own style. We love nature enough to choose methods that will not harm it in all the works we do and every product we produce. What we do most is to dream and to do it together. Since one of us is in the midst of corporate life, the other one has enjoyed entrepreneurship many years ago, we are in love with all life -facilitating products that are against planlessness and uncertainty, and now we are very happy to produce and share them. We are one of those who cannot manage to talk and write short. We have endless dreams, plans and words. So we have shown the first step by designing Remember's planner for everyone who will remind us of giving the priority to ourselves, and who loves writing and planning as much as we do. Thus, when we started to design products that make us and you happy with both the purpose of use and designs, the Remember Design Store started writing his own story…

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