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Rectangle Studio
Rectangle Studio

Rectangle Studio creates its furniture, accessories and architectural design with an understanding of productive, open to innovation, and compatible to shape. Rectangle studio, continues its formation since 2013, consists from Tarık Korkmaz's designs. Seeking its design in nature; looking into nature, loving nature. Furniture, accessories and interior design formed by considering its proximity to nature, brings the human feelings into life. Thus, 'Your Feelings Comes To Life' is the slogan that concludes the main idea. Rectangle Studio becomes the bridge between human-product and human-space. What do I need to do in my designs for you to use? To be able to answer, RS (Rectangle Studio) has to know and understand you. By asking questions, it efforts to create scenarios between product and the target group. 'In order to appeal furniture, accessories and architectural design as a whole, it causes to seek for new ways to design.' RS chooses the materials in its designs with care, and produces its products meticulously in the hands of experienced metal, wood, glass craftsman. With its high end material quality and surface compounds, it maintains its modern condition without wearing out.

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