Leander's story began in 1998, when Stig Leander's sister-in-law was expecting twins. He wanted to design a crib that could both calm a child and support his development. Stig, a trained and experienced blacksmith; He was involved in the development of chairs, bicycles and prams. His idea was to create a simple, functional piece of furniture that would meet a real need. Stig Leander saw something no one had seen before. He designed a crib that could do something truly new in terms of design and function. Less than a year later, the first series of the now legendary Leander Classic™ crib was launched in select stores in Denmark. Today, Leander exports to more than 30 countries around the world. Product development, administration and warehouse are located at Leander's head office in Silkeborg, Denmark. Production is carried out with long-term partners in different parts of Europe. The design of the Leander Classic™ crib is motivated by the idea of meeting a specific need and the desire to make a difference, and this desire characterizes all Stig Leander's designs. Leander is a furniture company, however; is a pioneer in creating furniture that inspires and encourages play, movement and creativity. Leander remains committed to the same design philosophy that started it all. Form and function should meet children's needs and never the other way around. Therefore, Leander is not just a furniture company. Behind every piece of furniture there is a well-thought-out vision and fine craftsmanship. When buying a Leander piece of furniture, you are investing not only in a piece of furniture for a child, but also in a piece of furniture that can be inherited.


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