We are old and very new. We are dependent and independent. We are the past, the present, the gatekeeper of the future. We are very young and both old. We know as much as anyone else, but we bring it together intangibly more than everyone else. We weave complexity, diversity ,and cultural heritage into digital, making a wearable spiritual journey that reaches the hearts of the strong women So much so that the KNTLGY logo has been worked with Turkish Calligraphy to show that we are a brand passing through this geography on which we were born. Today's routine QR code silhouette combined with the handwriting of the master calligraphers of the past and took its place on the KNTLGY Logo. With fabrics and materials allowed by nature, KNTLGY expresses its inspiration with a changeable mood and an obsessive comfort while advancing in a strong and modern line suitable for our nature. Its roots, like the sea, which is always peaceful despite its uncertainty, are being blown away. Even though its roots are meters underground, by the wind like tree branches. We are synthesis. Maybe we will remain as the last day of the future, the only memory from the past.

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