Jose Bermel
Jose Bermel

Jose Bermel is a brand founded with its triangular logo. Each corner of this triangle represents industrial engineer Yusuf Selman Alp, chemical engineer Beril Biçel, and industrial designer Melissa Leblebici. The robust structure of the triangle symbolizes the durability and strength of these three friends working together. Jose Bermel's trio of founders, Yusuf Selman Alp, Beril Biçel, and Melissa Leblebici, spent their childhood years in Istanbul. Different coincidences and common interests reunited these three friends in Istanbul years later.  Founding member Yusuf Selman Alp brings his experiences gained in his father's shop in the Grand Bazaar and his education in industrial engineering to one corner of the triangle. In another corner, chemical engineer Beril Biçel, with her passion for design, offers a creative perspective to the brand. Finally, in the third corner of the triangle, designer Melissa Leblebici, who received industrial design education in Milan, combines luxury handbags and aesthetics. Jose Bermel, born from the collaboration of these three friends, stands out as a brand that combines strong bonds of friendship, diverse talents, and various experiences such as engineering and design education. Our brand emphasizes all the beauty and strength as a perfect combination of style and functionality. The triangular logo symbolizes this unity and the origins of our brand.  Jose Bermel is also known for its commitment to providing superior quality products. We only use the best materials for our bags. Gold-plated metal accessories and genuine leather form the foundation of each bag design. Quality and durability are the key priorities of our brand.  This special attention and care not only ensure that Jose Bermel bags are stylish and elegant but also guarantee that they are long-lasting and durable. By offering our customers high quality and aesthetics, we aim to continue prioritizing customer satisfaction in the future.

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