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It's Manji
It's Manji

Everything started in London where I had gone to take a fashion design course. Meeting yoga there made immense changes in my life and opened several different doors for me. A couple of years after that I became a yoga teacher. During my journey as a yoga teacher, I kept getting many compliments about my unique clothing style. While defining yoga as a deep journey to one’s own body, mind and soul, I discovered me; how producing and aesthetics makes me and my life shine. After my unforgettable trip India which I embarked on for Yoga education, It’s Manji was born. Manji; the one that balances the ying and yang and the female and male energy, and borns out of the amalgamation of 4 elements: earths, water, fire, air. And the storm power created by this move. The main purpose of It’s Manji is exactly in its definition: to be a clothing brand that balances and shines with this balance. To make stunning and exceptional quality clothing pieces that you would not want to take off during day and night, anytime of your life and in any place... Its philosophy is very simple “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. Let all alive beings be happy and my movements shall contribute to this happiness and freedom.


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