Our journey began with the inspiration drawn from our soul and light quests, illuminated by our lighting products. In this endless journey filled with curiosity and exploration, the ginkgo tree, referred to by Darwin as the 'living fossil,' became our guide, representing what we encountered on our path. With the strength we derive from this beautiful tree that persists in living and existing in the face of all the harm humanity has caused to the Earth, we continue to produce durable home and living products with unique characteristics, a soul, the ability to integrate with the environment, and, most importantly, the meaning it adds to our lives that can be passed down from generation to generation. In our products, we bring together different materials, textures, and perspectives. We enjoy creating designs that unite the experiences gained in the lives of everyone contributing to our production, from our craftsmen in the workshop to the artists whose paths intersect with ours, our friends who have been with us on our journey, and our designers. By sharing our dreams, talents, and goals, we believe that in everything we produce together, we will leave beautiful traces on the Earth that exist beyond the dust cloud. For our products, which are part of these traces, we select durable materials that can accompany us for years and combine them with the valuable touches of handcraft. We are delighted to see ourselves, you, and the future in every resulting product.

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