Hands Of Pi
Hands Of Pi

After very critical surgery many years ago, i found solace in the simplicity of clay and also ventured into the realm of tiles, each one a mosaic of my dreams and aspirations. Through ceramics and tiles, i discovered not only artistry but also a profound connection to the depths of my being. With every pinch and coil, I forged resilience, shaping my dreams into tangible realities. Each piece told a story of perseverance, reminding me that from mud, blooms art. Ceramics became my canvas of empowerment, a testament to the limitless potential within. In clay, I found not just a craft, but a path to sculpting a life of purpose and passion. Soon, my passion expanded to tiles, each one a tiny canvas for my imagination to roam free. What began as a hobby evolved into a lifeline, offering balance to my hectic days and a sanctuary for my creative soul to flourish. My aim with the help of this art, is to show the world that it is possible to live your dreams just by connecting to yourself deeply.

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