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Habib Wood
Habib Wood

We started as an apprentice in the furniture sector with traditional education in Çemberlitaş Vezirhan in 1982. We continued the wooden design journey with a master-apprentice relationship by moving to the workbench in Beyoğlu Kumbaracı Slope in 1984. In 1922 , as Lider Furniture and Decoration, we had good innings with our business partners and several projects. We continue our journey with our brand Habib Wood design furniture by extending our goals in the sector. Our founder, Erdal Habib Erdoğan's admiration for wood evolved and thrived over time as he met and worked with Turkey's best architects. The passion, which has started in his childhood, turns into living forms by combining the warmth of wood and handicraft. Hereby, we have made it our mission to reflect in our designs that our profession is not about combining two pieces but adding story to them. Reliance is an ancestral heritage in us. Our elders, who were the third generation of Tahtakale crafts, like  Weigher İbrahim Erdoğan carried an element of reliability in the products they made. In order to carry this element to the Ahi traditions, it is essential to produce according to the standards of the period with the principle of service excellence. By embracing traditional production values, we process our commitment to our cores with a master-apprentice relationship. We believe the provided service and produced product reflect the person like a mirror. We value and practice a collaborative approach to happy working life and living and prioritize a more honest, calm, and authentic pace that is patient in its adherence to universal ethical principles. In the products we design and produce with this philosophy; reliance is the be-all and end-all in our communication with our customers and supplier, and in our perspective on life.
Over the years, we have acquired devoted friends and customers through the high-quality labor we have used in our products, along with a fair and appropriate wage policy. We glory in producing with defining and feeling to wood and customer-oriented production that we have been accomplishing for years.  We convey this blessing to our customers.  We make it more painless for our customers to choose the right product and material to receive the product they want, and we save them time to see their dreamt production in their homes. We deliver our products directly to their owners by producing them first-hand without a mediator. We have taken part in several projects both domestically and abroad, such as villas, premises, residences, airports, and restoration. We provide alternatives in light of our experiences and prepare designs for each person and place.  We maintain to work as a supplier for many well-known companies. We operate underneath the master's counsel as our motto: One has no right to make anyone live with something they do not love. We produce a good and proper product by performing pleasure-oriented in every step, from choosing the type of wood to delivery, while we turn the dreams and wishes of the customers into furniture form. We design products that are made by handwork and require time spent for the sake of them in contrast to the soullessness of mass production. We share the same home with all of the living beings in the world. The woods we used are a natural habitat for several animals and plants. While we build dreams with these products and give our word for a good and quality domestic life, we do not forget nature and plant a tree for each one of our products. By taking inspiration from nature for a sustainable life, we do not consume while producing.


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