Three cousins (us) which chatting on web once (we were all living in different cities/countries by then) have decided to product design t-shirts that would remind us the best moments we have spent together at least; and full of memories each time we wear them. We have searched every bit of it; tried - didn’t work out; tried again to make it work and eventually have decided to get together to build our business in İzmir. Also decided to share the t-shirts that we love with everyone around us. In time some other products started to enter in our production list: for example, we now have sweatshirts that’s also designed and printed by us. We chose the fabric ourselves and get them sewed privately. We are doing the design and printing ourselves by screen printing technique. The more we were interested in hand made products, we have increased our product variety and continue to do so. Makrame flower pots, printed tote bags and Terracotta flower pots are the latest additions. The more you enjoy using them, the more we will share happily. 

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