In the year 2022, a passion shared since childhood by two siblings laid the foundation for Etiwood. With their professional craftsmanship on wood and their bohemian spirits, two siblings aimed not only to produce furniture but also to ensure that each piece tells a unique story to its owner. Thus, Etiwood’s furniture transcended ordinary, offering its owners a luxurious and unique experience. Every piece of Etiwood is inspired by the rich culture of Anatolia. Two siblings infused their creations with the colors, textures, and melodies of these lands, turning each piece into a modern interpretation of Anatolia. The vibrancy in product colors, the delicacy in the choice of wood, and the originality in designs distinguish Etiwood from the mundane. Etiwood represents more than just a furniture brand; it embodies a lifestyle. By producing custom-made furniture and delivering it assembled to its customers, the brand ensures that each customer forms a special connection with their purchase. This approach allows Etiwood furniture to provide not only a functional value but also an emotional one to its owners. The vision of siblings had when founding Etiwood is felt in every piece of the brand. Reflecting the warmth, naturalness, and sincerity of Anatolia, these pieces of furniture transcend being mere items, becoming an integral part of their owners' living spaces. Starting as a sibling project, Etiwood continues to grow today as a brand that offers uniqueness, luxury, and comfort with each of its pieces. The journey of Eda and Ali inspires by merging the spirit of Anatolia with boheme life-style, making our homes more special and meaningful. The story of Etiwood is a living proof of how wood, when shaped with love, can transform into art.


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