Esas Art Design
Esas Art Design

The journey, initiated by the passion for ceramic art of two medical doctor colleagues and friends, Aslı Candal and Esra Kocaöner, led to the establishment of Esas Art Design. Starting as a hobby, not only did they learn about clay, glazes, and techniques but also the value of the process and the importance of patience, as crucial as the outcome. Their story began with the clay and progressed with stoneware and porcelain. The founders emphasize the transformative magic of clay, stating, ""For us, the miracle of clay turning into a product is a continuous exploration and learning process’’. Pottery is our space to slow down in life."" Describing their partnership as "" the combination of  a Taurus, an Earth sign, and an Aries, a Fire sign, creates the ideal partnership for firing the clay’’. After numerous trainings, Esas Art Design's founders placed their pottery passion at the center of their lives, creating unique series with distinctive characteristics. Drawing inspiration from the Earthy Tones color palette, they craft a collection referencing natural elements. Esas Art Design strives to blend the past with the future, modern with classic, simplicity with grandeur.

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