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Design Madrigal
Design Madrigal
What is “Design Madrigal”? Design Madrigal is a design brand that focuses on patterns. Design Madrigal offers home textiles, seating elements, clothing and accessories combining their own unique color and pattern combinations. Design Madrigal is founded by architect Beste Öncü in 2016, after she completed her bachelor's degree. By the impact of the short-term artistic-architectural educations that she received in Florence, Hamburg, Barcelona and Salzburg, she started to create her own designs. What is Design Madrigal’s motto? Madrigal; means polyphonic music composition. Compositions in madrigals are different in each line to reflect the meaning of the words, at its best. Similarly, patterns are prepared in different rhythmic combinations for all design compositions to reflect their meanings with the most effectiveway. What are the design Madrigal patterns inspired by? Our patterns are inspired by galaxy’s regularity, by artistic community
movements, by ryhthmic structure elements, by wood carvings, by instruments, by ryhthmic sequence of compositions and by the harmony in the compositions. How are the designs prepared? All of the patterns are hand-made by using the watercolor technique. Colors of the patterns, and scales, contexts, rhythm of the feelings, propotions, concept-combine harmonies of their times are reshaped for every design product. The emotions, which the fabric that will create the design makes everybody feel, are shaped by the spirit of the patterns. Each time, the patterns are prepared for their show on the stage with a new choreography. After all designs are produced by local producers , they take their final form in the hands of master craftsmen.
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