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The history of crosstitch dates back to ancient times. Crosstitch; Etamine is the art of creating patterns from colored crosses on fabric. Today, cross-stitch is still made and used very often. The design team aimed to make the cross-stitch more modern by adapting it to the present. They were based on the idea of ​​preparing a collection that has not been seen before in Turkey, and tried to embroider it on a metal, not on a cloth or fabric. They made holes on the brass and silver mine and embroy brass and silver with thread as if they were processing a cloth. In short, they modernized the art of cross-stitch and adapted it to the present day. Cross-stitch is an art that is handcrafted and comes from ancient times. As the Crosstitchdesign brand, they wanted to modernize the cross-stitch and present it to you so that this art would not be lost."

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