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Cella Store
Cella Store

In 2020, which is the starting point of creation and production for us, we established our eco-friendly product design studio in order to protect our future by using nature-friendly filaments.  We produce our products with 3D printers.  Our raw material, PLA, is an organic biopolymer and thermoplastic made from 100% recyclable, corn starch or sugar cane.  In the design process of the products, we are inspired by nature, create their stories and move on to the production phase.  We do not apply any treatment to the surface in order to preserve its naturalness. With the brush strokes of masters, we bring our products together with art by using our Marker pen works and our Pop-Art collection, non-toxic, water-based ink paints. In short, we love nature, we are inspired by it and we believe in the expression language of art.

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